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都市酵母開發 「活化色彩細胞計劃」,用新的角度跟方式觀看我們所熟悉的都市,刺激色彩細胞活化的過程,就像整理抽屜
會忽然發現深藏的小寶物,一起從生活中得到意想 不到的色彩驚奇,探索與定義環境色彩的方法與流程。

City Yeast develops a whole new project- The Rebirth of Color Cells- to discover the familiar city once we have known with a new vision. We believe that the process of this plan would be activating treasures which are deep down inside our drawers while we are cleaning them up. Let’s create many splendid wonderful colors in our lives!


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define EC process

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